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It only takes a spark . . .

We believe in getting kids EXCITED about science, technology, engineering, and math

“I like (science) more because we got to do experiments and because Mr. Sowa is kind of funny and makes science more funner.”—Amy, George P. Mullen Elementary, VA

“I didn’t like science, but then when Mr. Smith came it changed my life.”—Jimmy, Barrett Elementary, VA

“It taught me a lot of things I don’t know. Even my Mom didn’t know, and she’s a nurse!”—Student at Shepherd Elementary, DC


These are the voices of just a few of the thousands of students who have been inspired, encouraged, and challenged by RESET, a volunteer organization that delivers enriching and engaging science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities to students in the Washington, DC metro area.

At RESET (Raising Excitement for Science, Engineering and Technology,) we use hands-on experiments, inquiry-based classroom activities, and complementary field trips to introduce Pre-Kindergarten–8th grade students—many of them underserved children from low-income neighborhoods—to the joys of science and math. We do this through our wonderful volunteers—professional scientists and engineers who’ve enjoyed fascinating and rewarding careers in their fields and who are eager to share what they know with children who may have never met a scientist before or have little understanding of STEM career choices.

RESET has brought enriching science and math activities to students for nearly 30 years. We work with our volunteers to match them with the right schools, teachers, and programs, and provide them with excellent training and resources to assist them in their work with students. We want volunteering for RESET to be an experience that is as gratifying for volunteers as it is for the eager young learners they serve. Find out more ».

RESET Honored with Nonprofit Awards