RESET Volunteer Rich Repplier

Rich Repplier, a RESET volunteer since 2006, has led programs at many schools in DC and Virginia. He has long been a favorite of students and teachers; a comment from his most recent teacher is typical: “Rich was amazing! His experiments were engaging and the students loved him. He will be missed!”

We wish Rich the best as he moves on to other endeavors. He wrote of his time with RESET:

“I’m sorry to say I won’t be able to continue teaching. For 10 years teaching was a thoroughly positive experience. I gave it everything I had to give, which was absolutely the right thing to do. But now I need to help with family business.

In several ways, RESET was one of the best things I’ve ever been part of.

(1) I was shown a teaching method that I am completely convinced is the best way to turn kids on to science.
(2) I loved helping the kids. They were wonderful.
(3) I was backed and supported 100% in my efforts.
(4) Without RESET I never would have seen the inside of a classroom, as I have no educational credentials of any kind. But because of RESET, I was warmly welcomed in every school, and especially at Barnard, I felt at home.

God bless you both, John and Roberta, and Harold Sharlin too, for giving me this priceless opportunity to teach kids. I will always be so grateful to you, and I’ll carry wonderful memories of it for the rest of my life, and into the afterlife, as well.”

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