RESET Volunteer Bob Hauptman on PreKindergaten STEM

ReSET volunteer Bob Hauptman shares his thoughts about his pre-K volunteer program at Georgian Forest Elementary in Montgomery County, MD, below.

Regarding our brief discussion about my experience with the three and four year olds:  I never in my wildest dreams could have anticipated what I am going through.  These children are just transitioning from being babies into being students.  Although they are restless, they are thoroughly delightful, enjoyable, courteous, imaginative, curious, fun to be with, and eager to get into things and learn first hand by doing.   I do believe that I am accomplishing my two primary objectives: that the children have fun and that they are motivated to learn more about science.  For frosting on the cake, I am overjoyed to see them so excited and to respond to me so positively…More than ever, I believe that’s how to get the most bang for the buck.  I would be happy to discuss this with our volunteers, and to have them witness my class first-hand.  However, it does require a change in thinking, that we are not there to teach, but to stimulate and motivate.  My success, such as it is, is due largely to the participation of the two terrific teachers.   Bob Hauptman

The value of introducing children to science before Kindergarten is becoming increasingly recognized. ReSET volunteer shares his thoughts about working with 3 and 4 year olds below.  If you know of anyone who may be interested in volunteering with this age group, please let me know.  ReSET offers both direct programs for children and programs that train pre-K teachers in how to lead hands-on science sessions with the children.  ReSET can order science kits for volunteers that have been designed for this age group.

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