Breaking Gender Stereotypes

Announcement of new toys for Girls

Rebel Toy Company Launches New Quest to Turn Princesses Into Engineers (Wired) 
When GoldieBlox tried to launch its line of engineering and building toys for girls, Lindsey Shepard says she heard one thing over and over from the rest of the toy industry: “Girls don’t want them.” It seems that someone forgot to tell those girls. In the past seven months, GoldieBlox has raised more than $285,000 on Kickstarter, garnered millions of views for a video about its toys, pre-sold more than a million dollars’ worth of products, and parlayed that groundswell of support into winning a contest for a Super Bowl commercial slot. Its toys are stocked by big retailers like Toys R Us and Target, even expanding into the United Kingdom and Australia. And now, it’s filming the follow-up to the original video—which is where Shepard and I are sitting at right now. 
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