Many volunteers are understandably apprehensive about being in front of a school class, especially if they haven’t taught before or worked with young children. To help you get over first-time “jitters,” RESET has developed a number of best practices and resources geared to supporting you every step of the way.

  1. Your first step will be to contact RESET at or 703-690-8187. RESET’s Executive Director  will follow up with you and schedule an introductory conversation. If you are interested in moving forward, RESET will meet with you at a place convenient to your home, workplace or school. At that meeting we will give you an overview of RESET and the volunteer role, and provide copies of our RESET Brochure and Volunteer Handbook
  1. The next step will be to learn more about the program and prepare for your STEM teaching experience. We have a number of resources to help you:
    • Self-directed training—At your own pace you review the Volunteer Handbook
    • Site Visits—We are happy to offer you the opportunity to sit in on a RESET session where you can observe one of our veteran volunteers in the classroom.
    • RESET Sample Experiments—These text descriptions and videos provide examples of exercises and experiments that RESET volunteers have used in the classroom. See Sample Experiments and RESET’s YouTube site. Other ideas can be found by an on-line search, for example, using terms “elementary school science activities chemistry.”
    • Skills Assessment and Enhancement—RESET has a consultant on staff who has experience in teaching how to present hands-on science in the classroom or at community events. Professor Sherri Kohr is  available to observe on one of your sessions provide constructive feedback to refine your approach.
    • Your Teacher — RESET will meet with you and your teacher to discuss your program before your first session.  Your teacher will be in the classroom to support you in your sessions. While it is rare for any behavioral issue to arise, the teacher is responsible for handling any such situation.
    1. Consider your options. We have several options for volunteering, depending on your preferences. Learn more ».
    1. If  you choose to volunteer in  a school and have expressed your preference for location, we will match you with a school, a grade level, and a teacher. RESET will schedule an initial meeting with your teacher where you will introduce yourself and explain your area of expertise. Your teacher will describe her or his class and science or math programs. We encourage volunteers to bring and share some of the topics you’d like to pursue with students, but to defer detailed session planning and purchase of classroom equipment and supplies until after you get your teacher’s input. In addition to you, a RESET representative will attend this meeting, and the Principal of the school may also be present.
      If you decide to volunteer for a weekend program or a community STEM event, RESET will help you prepare for your participation.


If you want more information about volunteering, contact: or 703-250-0236.

If you’re ready to sign up now, go to our Volunteer Signup Form.