After 17 years, our early summer chorus will include an incredible specialist ensemble: Brood X Cicadas! Pronounced as Brood “ten”, these cicadas were last seen in 2004, when some of RESET’s members were as young as 2nd graders! Indeed, special class time was taken to observe these wonderfully curious and bright-eyed insects molting and singing (loudly) away on our own school grounds. Nearly 2 decades later, RESET hopes that children will again enjoy the amazing curiosity these highly dormant, yet quick-lived insects are, and we encourage our students to send pictures to We will be holding a special contest and plan to select winners by age group, so please send us your lovely drawings!

To read more about the cicadas, we recommend visiting the Washington Post’s special coverage.

A kid-friendly guide is available on the friend to cicadas site.

If you’re a citizen scientist interested in helping locate cicadas in your local area, check out the cicada safari app.

A local naturalist blogs on cicadas here.

Finally, Fairfax County’s guide can be located here.

Happy cicada season!


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