Daughter and Father Thoughts on RESET

This week Sarah Kehoe wrote to ReSET:
“My father … recently retired from a phenomenal government  career as an aerospace engineer. I am nominating him for this volunteer opportunity as I know he will love it and be excellent at it. He mentored me in math/science and I now have my PhD in Molecular Cell Biology because of his enthusiasm and inspiration. He would make an excellent addition to your team.”
Bob Williams agreed with his daughter’s recommendation and will begin the ReSET volunteer orientation program in January. He writes: “Practicing/retired engineers and scientists have a unique ability to ‘give back’ to a new generation.  As a nation we are now at the point where 90% of the advanced degrees in the hard sciences and engineering are going to Pacific Rim countries. I am seeing more and more first-class technical papers coming from that region.  Most highly successful people have 3 key people in their lives –  the parent or friend who helped make the subject ‘fun,’ the teacher who translated the fun into real technical understanding and sparking self-motivated idea creation, and the college-level mentor who carried that foundation into high level achievement.”

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