Keep STEM on Kids’ Minds During School Shutdown

I have grandchildren in Charlotte, North Carolina  – a sixth grader and third grader. They are very different – my 12 year-old granddaughter has been worried about falling behind while my 8 year old grandson feels so lucky to be out of school. One morning he stretched out on pillows in front of the fireplace and said “This is the life.” I’ve been texting them science questions. I first found the science standards for North Carolina by searching using terms “science, standards of learning, North Carolina” along with the grade levels.  Some sixth grade Q’s I’ve sent that my granddaughter has answered:

  • What is the motion of the earth that results in day and night? And  what motion results in seasons?
  • What does a prism do?
  • Where would you fund pistils, stamens and sepals?

Two weeks ago I sent my grandson the question” What makes shadows change in length and position?” No answer yet.

They now have on-line classes with their teachers, but none in  science yet.

John Meagher


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