Kids love Goo!

ReSET volunteers Meghan O’Donoghue and Marion Pavon led a program this past term at E.L. Haynes Elementary in DC on the science of Goo!  They shared write-ups of their experiments, which I’ve posted on the ReSET website (see below).  John

Hello John,

Our five week class finished last Tuesday, and I think it went stupendously! Thank you for giving Mariana and me a chance to do science with the students. The microscopes were a huge hit. E.L. Hayes made us feel extremely welcome, and they ensured each class ran smoothly. 
Mariana is going to take a hiatus from ReSet, but because we had such a positive experience these past few months, I will try and recruit another volunteer to teach a class either over the summer or next fall if the scheduling works out.

See Number 30 at:

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