More than fun: STEM requires work

From the Smithsonian: After reading this article, I’m planning to tell my RESET students during their final session that following a STEM path requires a lot of work (as does success in any profession).

Before you find yourself hoping to inspire a budding scientist that “science is fun,” please reconsider.

One thought on “More than fun: STEM requires work

  1. I read Marjee Chmiel’s post “When Science Isn’t Fun.” My response is that what she’s talking about is fine for a dedicated college student. But in RESET, we aren’t dealing with dedicated college students. We’re dealing with 10-year-olds who are fairly likely (or even very likely) to believe that science is repellent in one way or another. The best hope we’ve got to change that feeling and turn them onto science is to convince them that science IS fun. Actually, it may not just be our best hope, it may be our ONLY hope.

    I think Marjee Chmiel is looking at the situation from her own perspective, when what she needs to do is to look at it from the viewpoint of the 5th-graders we teach. I’ve gotten a very strong classroom response from following the RESET model over 9 years and I have no intention of abandoning it.

    How many 5th-grade classes has Marjee Chmiel taught?

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