NY Times Editorial about STEM in the US

From a 10/26/10 New York Times Editorial:

“According to a follow-up report published last month, the academies found that the United States ranks 27th out of 29 wealthy countries in the proportion of college students with degrees in science or engineering, while the World Economic Forum ranked this country 48th out of 133 developed and developing nations in quality of math and science instruction.”

For the full editorial, link to: https://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/26/opinion/26tue2.html?_r=1&ref=editorials

Note how ReSET’s programs fit in with the National Academies’ recommendations.

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  1. Comment from ReSET Volunteer Rich Repplier:
    From the NY Times editorial: “The science establishment has long
    viewed a high abandonment rate as part of a natural winnowing.” Where
    in the world did that nonsense come from?
    The other bad practice is that this country has traditionally
    convinced young girls that science is a career they don’t want. That
    means we’re cutting out half the population!
    If America is serious about competing in the world, we’d better damn
    well stop this stuff, now. We can’t afford it anymore.
    Rich Repplier

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