Before You Start

  • You and your volunteer will exchange phone/text numbers and email addresses. Please indicate your preferred method for connecting.
  • You and your volunteer will select a mutually agreeable day of the week and time of day for classroom sessions.
  • Your volunteer will bring his or her own supplies and equipment, as well as any preparatory materials, such as vocabulary lists or questions. Your volunteer may ask you to copy some documents as handouts to your students.

If You Will Be Absent

  • If your class is not going to be at the school on the day your RESET volunteer is scheduled to visit, please notify the volunteer at least two days in advance of his or her scheduled class.
  • If you will be absent for a particular class, please inform the RESET volunteer. Some volunteers prefer to reschedule to work with their partner teachers instead of a substitute teacher.

Classroom Management

  • You are responsible for responding to  any classroom management issues that arise so that our volunteers have productive and positive experiences. Our volunteers lack your training and experience in such matters.
  • During the classroom session volunteers will need to interrupt student activity and get their attention to provide information or respond to a question. You may want to share your “quieting” technique with your volunteer.
  • We hope that you will participate in the class along with your volunteer,  as this demonstrates that you think it is important and enhances their learning experience. Students will follow your lead, so your active and enthusiastic participation sets the tone for the class.

If Your Volunteer Needs to Cancel

  • If your assigned volunteer is not able to make a scheduled classroom visit, you will be notified. Please let your volunteer know how best to reach you on short notice if an unanticipated problem develops with her or his schedule.

Your Feedback is Important to RESET!

  • Please take the time to provide feedback and make suggestions to your volunteer during their RESET program so they can be more effective.
  • Please complete the on-line Teacher Assessment Form when your RESET program is complete. This helps us to improve our Volunteer Training program and to share teacher perspectives with potential funders.

If you have any questions, please contact RESET’s Sherri Kohr at or (703) 217-1025.