Report From RESET Pre-K

RESET CEO and Classroom Volunteer Harold Sharlin:

I teach science to two, three and four year olds at the NSF Child

Development Center in Ballston, VA. 
 Last Tuesday when I was working with my two year old day care  
children I learned something about teacher involvement.  I had  
brought some small bar magnets for them to play with and discover  
what magnets can do.  When one boy found that he could not make a  
North pole attract a North pole, I realized that he did not know his  
letters (he was two after all) so I just turned the magnet around and  
he was satisfied. 
 Then I heard laughter and looked at the end of the table where a  
teacher was playing with three two year old girls and some magnets.   
The teacher had never seen a bar magnet and was finding out what they  
could do in attraction and repulsion.  She and the girls were having  
a grand old time  learning the basics about magnets. 
 Isn't that what ReSET is about showing that science is fun? 

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