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ReSET finds creative ways to make science and math fun!

“We’ve got to lift our game up when it comes to technology, and math, and science,” said President Obama in April 2011 at a town hall event held on Facebook’s Palo Alto, Calif. campus.

President Obama’s remarks underscored his intention to make STEM education a national priority. Last year he challenged scientists and business leaders to think of creative ways to engage young people in math and science. All across the country companies and nonprofits have been joining forces to replicate successful science programs.

ReSET is one of those innovative STEM programs that has answered the call—and has been answering the call—for nearly 25 years.

Every year ReSET collects information from students on how they feel about science and math after participating in a ReSET program. Students respond to questions that are used by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) in preparing “The Nation’s Report Card.” The questions measure attitudes toward science and aptly reflect ReSET’s mission to show students that science learning is exciting and enjoyable. The results, compiled from ReSET students, are compared with those of the 7,305 fourth-grade students nationwide who have completed the NCES assessment.

362 ReSET students were surveyed in school year 2009-10, and the results clearly demonstrated the positive impact that ReSET volunteers have on students. Nationally, 67% of students agree with the statement “I like science,” whereas 92% of ReSET students agree.  In the Nation’s Report Card, 70% of students disagree with the statement “Science is boring;” 91% of ReSET students disagree with that statement.

ReSET’s simple equation is working . . . get students engaged, and then show them that science need not be intimidating or too difficult. In fact, it can be fun.

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