“RESET provided Bob with many fond memories.”

We are sad to share that Bob Hauptman, a longstanding volunteer with RESET, passed away on June 28, 2018 at the age of 93.

Bob had a background in electrical engineering and taught electronics, electricity and physics to children at all grade levels. A veteran volunteer of more than 10 years, Bob continued volunteering into his 90s. His daughter-in-law Sharon Hauptman wrote: “Bob had enormous pride for the work that he did with the young students and RESET provided him with many fond memories.”

An enthusiastic advocate for STEM enrichment, Bob was eager to introduce other volunteers to the program. When Mike Fitzmaurice was first considering volunteering with RESET, he received this welcoming response from Bob:

“Dear Mike . . . You do have the right idea, that the key word is ‘fun.’ If they are having fun, then they are eager to participate. Once before, I worked with a new recruit, Bill Lake. At his request, he spent an entire semester in my classroom. He claims the exposure helped him immensely. There was a side benefit for me, in that he assisted me in working with the students. You might enjoy sitting in on my class. Although these are four- and five-year-olds, not fifth graders, you will still enjoy pitching in for the fun of it. I have had other visitors, and it always was a great experience. Anyhow, kindly give me a heads’ up on the school, address, directions, schedule, etc., and we will set something up. One other thing . . . please don’t hesitate to lean on any of us for support . . .”Bob

Laura Mastroianni, a teacher with the Head Start program at Georgian Forest Elementary School in Silver Spring, worked with Bob for several years. In hearing of Bob’s death, she wrote: “I am so sorry to hear about his passing. I was just thinking about him. My students enjoyed spending time with him. . . he will be greatly missed.”

Bob also volunteered with Washington Ear, where he recorded material for the visually impaired. He loved current events, travel and spending time with friends. Bob’s family kindly asked that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to RESET in Bob’s memory.

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