RESET Volunteer Bob Hauptman’s Head Start Report

I am meeting with four and five year olds in Head Start, every other Tuesday, starting at 2:30, for a little over a half hour.  So far, we’ve met twice.  The first time, we did fossils and playdoh impressions.  The activity captured their attention and they enjoyed making the impressions.  The second time, we did sound.  I started with a small guitar like instrument, with four metal fingers, each of which is plucked to create four separate notes.  They then plucked taut rubber bands and string, to demonstrate vibration and sound.  The piece de resistance was going out to the hallway to play with the string/can phones.  They were ecstatic and couldn’t get enough of it.  It seems to work best with a small number of children.  We did five, and I will continue to limit it to that number.  Each time we meet, we will perform the same activities, in groups of four or five children, until everybody has had an opportunity to participate.  The key is that they are all very excited, that is all I could hope to accomplish.  I hope that there are some lasting effects.

Bob Hauptman

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