RESET Volunteer Ed Rock’s Take on Pre-K

Report on Ed Rock’s PreKindergarten experience:
 “You almost always leave the pre-school with students telling you they LOVE you.  This is pretty life affirming, especially if you’re having a bad day!”
Edward Rock may not have volunteered with RESET for very long, but he’s already feeling the love. The last six months, Rock, who has a background in science education publishing, has been teaching General Science to NSF preschoolers at the National Science Foundation’s Bright Horizons Child Care Center.
His first sessions with the children, who are between 2 and 4 years of age, have focused on magnets and the concepts of attract and repel. “We built ‘magnetic visualizers’ ” shared Rock, “so that the children could actually visualize some of the magnetic force lines in three dimensions. We used re-purposed clear 12 oz. soda bottles with iron fillings and mineral oil and cow magnets to allow the students to ‘see’ the magnetic fields generated by permanent magnets.  Lots of oohs and ahs.”
Rock is one of the first volunteers to join RESET’s new Pre-K program that is being delivered through a partnership with D.C.-area Bright Horizons Day Care Centers. This innovative scientist-in-the-classroom program for “Two to to Four” learners supports RESET’s mission of engaging children at an early age in science and math through positive and creative hands-on experiences.
Interested in learning more about RESET’s Pre-K program? Send a message to Harold Sharlin:

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