RESET Volunteer Sandra Hernandez on Girl Scouts Leading Experiments

Hi John,
The Girl Scouts had their Pre-Kindergarten RESET/STEM session today- It was such an amazing event! Both the Pre-K students and the scouts had a fun, interactive and educational experience. Personally, I was very happy with the turnout and the degree of engagement & enthusiasm from all the age groups. We had 13 scouts and close to 30 Pre-K students involved in today’s STEM event.
The event was for about an hour, encompassing four stations (Magnification, Lights, Electrical Circuits, and Magnets), the Pre-K students rotated through each station and the scouts provided information, gave a demo and allowed for free play/hands on for the Pre-K students. As seen from below, both parents and pre-K staff were impressed with the scout’s ability to lead their own science stations and effectively engage with the Pre-K students. Even though the material covered could very well be beyond the understanding of the Pre-K students the hands-on component allowed for discovery, play and fun interaction with the material at hand. Over all, it was very age appropriate to have the scouts (2nd-3rd grade) teach the material in their own words. I have attached short clips of each station and will send more pictures in a follow up email (file sizes too large).
Most of the materials used were leveraged from last year’s and this current school year’s Stratford Landing Elementary School program, with addition of few manipulatives. I also provided some additional materials that I use with my own kids just to have enough hands-on material. At this point, I just have to finalize the badges (the scouts are also contributing to the design), and feel that this is a great experience to share with other troops across the DC area.


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