RESET Volunteer Sarbari Gupta Leads Computer Science PROGRAM

INMED Partnerships for Children is a nonprofit organization that provides services to the most vulnerable children and families in Loudoun County, Virginia, including an after-school program for young children. On a recent Wednesday, RESET Volunteer Sarbari Gupta prepared for that day’s session by marking a pathway on the floor with masking tape. The session’s topic was algorithms. When the students arrived in the room they were broken into teams; one child on each team was blindfolded and guided to the starting point of the tape. The others guided the unseeing student along the pathway using step-by-step instructions: turn left, turn right, or go forward. Students each had a turn being blindfolded and following directions from teammates, who jumped up and down and shouted with excitement.  With this fun exercise, Sarbari taught the children how to approach computer programming by identifying an instruction-by-instruction algorithm for entering into a coding language.  

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