Resources for RESET Volunteers from First Grade Teacher Claudia Austin

Hi John,

Thank you so much for having me! I really enjoyed presenting today and I hope my presentation was helpful. I think STEM education is so important and I am afraid that science is getting left behind. I know I don’t have the power to change this but I can get involved as much as I can in STEM leadership. I am happy to share what I have learned about STEM in the past 3 years otherwise all my work will be in vain. I really appreciate what RESET is doing.

You may share my email with any of the volunteers if they still have question or if they need any help. I am happy to help!

Have a great week! Below are some resources that may help some of our volunteers.


STEM Resources:
This website provides STEM lesson plans for all grade levels. It is great for volunteers that are starting. The lessons may be tweaked to fit their needs.
This organization has great engineering resources and activities. I purchased their book and the lessons are great.

Engineering is Elementary has also great STEM lessons. Most of the lessons come in binders and RESET could keep a small library for volunteers.

Discovery Education has grade level videos that can be used to activate background knowledge or at the end of an experiment. Their videos are great and students love them.

The NGSS provides disciplinary core ideas arranged by topic and grade level and that align with science, math and engineering topics.

Claudia Austin
First Grade Teacher
Clopper Mill Elementary School

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