Some Feedback on RESET


From Principal Michael Cunningham of Columbia Elementary, a new ReSET school in Annandale, VA:

I also want to let you know that I discussed the work you all do at our pyramid principal meeting last week and some of my colleagues are interested in learning more about the program.  I sat in on the session with Dianne Post and was amazed with the level of thinking and engagement the students had in the concept of “waves”!  It was exceptional!  If you don’t mind, I will pass your contact information and website on to two of my colleagues…currently North Springfield and Poe are interested in looking at the program.

 From Volunteer Cheryl Banks:

This past week I have decided to sell my condo, and I will be leaving the Maryland area. I am reluctant to begin the school year with the children, and have to leave them within a short time. I was very attached to the children and Mrs. Bradley and enjoyed the program immensely. I am indebted to ReSET for the wonderful experience of teaching the children. I am thinking of relocating to the NJ area. If ReSET is ever expanded to that state I would love to continue the program. It is with a heavy heart that I bid you farewell. I hope the program has continued success. Thank you for the experience of touching the lives of those special children, and an awesome teacher as Mrs. Bradley

Thanks Cheryl, we’ll miss you!

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