US PTO Volunteers Third Grade Report – Candy Bridges

RESET Volunteers from the US Patent and Trade Office describe their session at Whittier Education Campus:
Hi ReSETers,
I wanted to thank our amazing volunteers who was able to join us at our experiment last Tuesday and especially to welcome one of our new members, Abra Fein, who joined us for her first trip to Whittier and did a great job.
The experiment went very well and the students, as always, had a wide variety of bridge designs and didn’t try to eat too much of the candy until afterwards.  This year we added a new part to the experiment where we used different books having different weights to put on top of the bridges, which provided an excuse for the students to do some additional math when determining how much weight their bridges could hold.  This addition was based on feedback we received from the teachers last year on trying to incorporate  more practical skills into the experiments, for example reinforcing math skills, and we will continue to do so throughout the remaining year.
We are looking forward to our next experiment this coming December, one of my personal favorites – Dry-Ice Ice Cream.  We will be having the dry run for the experiment on Tuesday Dec. 10, followed by the experiment the following week on Tuesday Dec. 17.  Of all the experiments, this one generally requires the most volunteers to make sure the dry-ice is used safely, and so even if you haven’t been able to join us for the experiments so far, we’d love to see you for this experiment, plus the ice cream is always good!
Hope everyone is doing great and happy Thanksgiving week.
Pete, Danielle and Robert

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