RESET Volunteer Wayne Sukow’s Minerals Experiment

Hi RESET’ers: If you’re interested in working with students on the experiment Wayne describes (below)let me know ( I have some mineral sets in the RESET supply stock. John

Hi John, 
This is just a brief note to bring you up to date on my 2010 RESET 
classroom activities. This afternoon I finished the fourth session on 
Geology---Properties and Identification of Minerals. I was pleased how 
well the 5th grade students in all four classes and especial the last 
class mastered the techniques for 1.) making streaks from the minerals 
on a black or white Streak Plate, 2.) determining if the mineral 
scratched their thumbnail, a copper penny, a piece of glass, or a 
ceramic streak plate, and 3.) inventing descriptive words that 
characterized the appearance of the minerals as they saw them e.g. the 
Luster: shiny, metallic, dull, waxy, sparkly, etc. 
The four  one-hour sessions included all 110 or so fifth graders at Key 
ES and two teachers. The streak plates, glass, and pennies show their 
use after this years intense use.  They will need some replacements for 
the next go around. I also invested in  some good rock samples such as 
gabbro, oolitic limestone, anorthocite, granite with biotite, etc. at a 
cost of $45. Students felt that they were easier to use than the small 
thumbnail size. When students left the classroom for their next class 
each one received one of my  Lake Superior Agate with a Hardness 7, 
which means it will stay polished if they carry it in their pocket or 
purse with of change, pens, etc. 
Next up are experiments on Electricity and Magnetim and/or Light. 
I also tried Key ES lunches.....interesting. 

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