Water Distillation

RESET Volunteer Marty Stein shares his water distillation demonstration, below:

Washington Latin is doing what they call water world. II plan to discussing the dangers of unclean water, a major problem, and some of the diseases that are transmitted in contaminated water.

I ordered a complete distillation kit for Carolina Biological. They have assembled everything I will need and it is very sexy and will turn on the kids. There are too many things I would have to get and probably miss some if I went for individual pieces so I went with the kit. My plan is for the kids to get some lousy water three days before. I have a reagent which they will incubate with the water for 48 hour and then have a color indicator for the presence of bacteria. I will distill the dirty water in the classroom and split up the effluent and have the kids incubate it for another 48 hours to see if the process cleaned the water. I will bring pictures of the kids in Haiti and some pictures of the cholera bacteria. I might even drink some in the class…


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